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Welcome to CCDA

A Non-Profit Group Dedicated to Beautifying Our Community

Welcome to the Crestline Communities Development Alliance (CCDA) Web site. Our mission is to work toward the beautification and enhanced quality of life of Crestline and the surrounding communities.

Please visit each of our project pages to see what we have accomplished. CCDA thrives through the work of volunteers such as you. Surely, you can find at least one area where you can share a few hours of your time. If you are new to our community, CCDA is the ideal way to make new friends and get involved.

All of the money CCDA raises through membership and its various fund-raising activities goes back to our community. We welcome your suggestions for future projects.

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2008 Garden Tour

A Big Success!!
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The 2010 Officers for CCDA are:
Aaron Creighton, President
Rose Weigand, Vice President
Jackie Kottler, Secretary
Cheryl Chapman, Treasurer

Board members are:
Pamela Whitney
Jeff Whitney
Stewert Bibby
Trina Brettman
Kathy McClelland
Raymond Ray
Ken Cress

2010, Crestline Communities Development Alliance
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